Venomous reptile capture and handling courses are by far one of the most successful projects LVS is involved with. We live in an area where the quantity and quality of reptile fauna is amazing. So if you are a Herper, you’re in heaven. If you are phobic there is going to be a problem. Attending the course will however 100% fix this problem.


The skill of venomous snake handling is not rocket science. One day’s knowledge overload and guidance around reptiles, handling a specific species in a specific situation is what it’s about. You can literally not be able to look at a snake in a book in the morning when you clock in for the course and walk out at the end of the day having handled a Black Mamba. Need more motivation? Take a look at what some of our course attendees had to say in our Testimonials sections.

Living in the Lowveld dictates that you will come across a slithery serpent at one time or another. The course provides the confidence to be able to handle this surprise meeting better, better for you but most importantly better for the serpent. Whether you choose to catch and remove the serpent yourself or not the course allows you to identify the species, know what to expect from it, and how to handle the situation.


Please see Course Schedule for 2019.


All courses will be held at the LVS Venom Centre (See Map) unless otherwise specified.


Please view our Course Info Pack to download your printable version of the updated pricing and other course information.


Me, Chris Hobkirk, You, a Puff Adder, Snouted Cobra, Boomslang, and Mr. Black Mamba if necessary! What are you waiting for?

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