Lowveld Venom Suppliers

LVS is like a huge gravid 4,1 meter female Southern Rock python (Python natalensis).

A snake that has been holding eggs for a long time.Every activity that LVS is involved in can be compared to a single one of these eggs laying inside the body of this big snake. The right time has arrived and the eggs have been laid in a safe place (location). Each activity that LVS has successfully developed over time symbolizes the hatching of one egg. A number of eggs have hatched and are doing well, however the clutch is large and the potential for expansion is great!

The Venom Centre of the Lowveld Venom Suppliers is Open to the Public!
Come view live Venom Extractions every Sunday 13:00 at the Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park

The Team


Chris Hobkirk

Manager: Venom Extraction

Baarend Bloem

Manager: Education Department

Anneka van Schoor

Volunteer Manager

Andrew Geldenhuys