Venom Centre

The venom centre provides clean dried venom for the production of Anti-Venom in South Africa.


Venomous reptile capture and handling courses are by far one of the most successful projects LVS is involved with.

Reptile Recovery

When I moved to the Lowveld in 2003 my natural interest in reptiles quickly pushed me into the local ring of Herpers.

Rodent Sales

We take a lot of pride in our rodent facility at the venom centre.

Capturing Equipment

We use high quality equipment that is safe for animals and for the environment.

About LVS

LVS is like a huge gravid 4,1 meter female Southern Rock python (Python natalensis).

A snake that has been holding eggs for a long time.Every activity that LVS is involved in can be compared to a single one of these eggs laying inside the body of this big snake.

The Team


Chris Hobkirk

Manager: Venom Extraction

Baarend Bloem

Manager: Education Department

Anneka van Schoor

Volunteer Manager

Andrew Geldenhuys

Snake Activity Levels

Snake activity level is high between the months of September and march. Be cautious and contact LVS reptile recovery for assistance with unwanted visitors.

Current Events

South African Snakebite Symposium

In June 2017, the World Health Organisation (WHO) categorized snakebite envenomation into the Category A of Neglected tropical diseases. The reclassification will allow access to new funding, paving the way for broader and deeper research, and it should expand the accessibility of antivenoms.

In South Africa, high-risk groups for snakebite envenomations include rural agricultural workers, herders, fishermen, people living in poorly constructed houses and those with limited access to education and healthcare. In these disadvantaged communities, children are often affected whilst sleeping on the floor.

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Chris Hobkirk

Chris Hobkirk